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baby wallpaper

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baby wallpaper

baby wallpaper

This is the story of the ingenious role model Baby wallpaper about how rich he is, and even richer than the Lord God Almighty.
Loh why the Baby wallpaper said so.

Check out the story:
At some point in the country residence of Baby wallpaper, a meeting was held between the kings of neighboring countries.
The Baby wallpaper was also involved in the meeting because he was as an advisor to the King.

In that meeting one of the themes discussed was the wealth.
Can not imagine the kings of ancient wealthy indeed.
The king told stories about the property owned, including the palace and to be constructed after the meeting ended.

There is a king who has a large garden with ornate jewels, beautiful sparkling lakes, beautiful pools, buildings and palaces, and so on.

All who heard accounts of the kings were amazed except Baby wallpaper.
Baby wallpaper even tried to remind and awaken them from the abundant treasures of this mortal world.

Property and religion.

The Baby wallpaper said to them,
"When I look down the treasure, but when I look into the religion."

"What does he mean it?" asked some of the king.
"If you then look at the wealth of the poorer you shall be grateful.
Because with gratitude then you will get a lot more enjoyable.
But if a charity, then look at people who are more cautious than you, you will undoubtedly grow diligent to pray to God Almighty, "said Baby wallpaper.

Hearing the Baby wallpaper, the people began to realize what they have and they are proud of.
In fact, many of them that Baby wallpaper was saying was true.

Baby wallpaper richer than God.

However, they were suddenly surprised by the statement Baby wallpaper.
"I was richer than God." said Baby wallpaper spontaneous.

Of course saying that Baby wallpaper received overwhelming response.
It is no wonder if the whole scene made the meeting room.

There are some who say that Baby wallpaper to tell lies, some say that the Baby wallpaper dare say this is no proof.
Some will not believe, have some confidence that the Baby wallpaper has a purpose behind his words.

Because Baby wallpaper meeting to make a scene, the king finally ordered his soldiers to arrest Baby wallpaper.
After his arrest, Baby wallpaper brought to my king.

"Did you say that you are richer than God?" asked the King.
"It's a noble lord," answered Baby wallpaper.
"What do you mean you are richer than God?" King asked Aaron.

"Because the reality servant is so," answered Baby wallpaper so casually.
"Sanggupkan you prove what you say?" asked the King.
"Again my lord." answered Baby wallpaper.

"What sanctions if it turns out you can not prove it?" King asked Aaron.
"I would be willing to be punished by the lord." answered Baby wallpaper.

"Well now prove!" orders of the King.
"King of glory, not God we did not have children and also unbegotten?
While this servant of having children and mothers as slaves is the creature, rather than the Creator. "Answered Baby wallpaper.

Hear the narrative of Baby wallpaper, the King of Harun Al-Rashid was satisfied, even the king actually ruled the Baby wallpaper to spread the opinion that the entire population.

Again escaped the punishment of the King Baby wallpaper.
Let friends and take the lesson we learn from the advice of the Imam Baby wallpaper this.



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