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wallpaper borders

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wallpaper borders

wallpaper borders

One day Wallpaper borders was seen performing a magic monkey. Miraculous because the monkey is only willing to be governed by their owners, if ruled by someone else then he would refuse.

However, with its intelligence, Wallpaper borders finally managed to outwit the monkeys to keep the words of Wallpaper borders.
Kan exclaimed.

Follow the story.
On a sunny day, Wallpaper borders was a fairy ments of Raja Harun Ar-Rashid to observe and find out the deficiencies that exist in people.

Known, but known as an accomplished poet, Wallpaper borders was also one of the king of trust, because the proposals and petuahnya are often absurd, but still could be a solution when the problem is coming hit.

One evening, Wallpaper borders calmly stepped legs combing the city.
During the trip, he did not see a thing that feels weird, because the welfare of the population at that time should be fairly decent.

Monkeys show.
However, at the time of Wallpaper borders was in front of the field is often used to hold a celebration of the population, suddenly halted his steps with the crowd so much.

Wallpaper borders was asked his friend by the name Hussein, which incidentally have recently seen a show there.
"There's a show what's there?" asked Wallpaper borders.
"The tour that involves a magical monkey," said Hussein.
"What do you mean by monkey magic?" asked Wallpaper borders.
"Monkeys can understand human language and even more remarkable, the monkeys were only willing to submit to the owner only," said Hussein.

Wallpaper borders threat to the monkeys.
Hussein answers that have made the Wallpaper borders more interested and curious.
He immediately said goodbye to his friend's to see the monkey show. When Wallpaper borders was in the middle of the crowd in the audience.

Apparently, the owner of the monkey is proud to offer a substantial reward for anyone who could make monkey nodded.

No wonder that many among the audience to try one by one, they tried in various ways to make the monkey nodded.
However, the result is futile.

Looking at the persistence of the monkey, Wallpaper borders more curious.
Wallpaper borders finally come forward to try it.
After dealing with the monkey, Wallpaper borders said,
"Do you know who I am?"
The monkey shook his head.

"Are you not afraid of me?" asked Wallpaper borders.
The monkey shakes his head.

Wallpaper borders successfully.
"Are you afraid of your master?" asked Wallpaper borders fishing and the monkey began to hesitate.
"If you keep quiet, then I will report it to your master," threatened Wallpaper borders to the monkey.

Once, the monkey which is basically just afraid of his master, just spontaneously emngangguk-nod your head.

Ochie_Amitie ....
Suddenly it just the crowd cheering as there are people who can make the monkey nodded his head.
Due to the success of Wallpaper borders, then he has been granted a prize money pretty much.

On the other hand, the owner of the monkey is not playing angry.
Owner of the monkey was beaten with a wooden monkey in shame for the show.



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