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computer wallpaper

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computer wallpaper

The story of Computer wallpaper is back.
What nonsense is Computer wallpaper ploy to get away from all guile and test the king's opponents.
The king asked to bring the Computer wallpaper in front of her mother even though the king knew that if his mother had died of Computer wallpaper.

On a sunny morning, Computer wallpaper came to the palace because the king called to accompany the long-missed the story of Computer wallpaper funny. They chatted happily.

After a long conversation, the king suddenly wanted to test Computer wallpaper intelligence.
"O Computer wallpaper, bring your mother to the palace tomorrow, will I give thee will reward a hundred dinars," said the king harun Ar-Rashid.

Computer wallpaper was shocked to hear the word of the king.
How could I not, the king knew that his mother had died a long time, even the king joined the funeral home of Computer wallpaper.
However, because the lure of a very tempting prize, the Computer wallpaper not dodge him instead approved a request by the king.

At home, Computer wallpaper was very busy at all to find an elderly woman who later would become his mother and later taken to the palace. After much searching, finally met the desired end as well.
Computer wallpaper at length to explain what he meant her.

He also promised to share the prize that will be received at the fair, half-half. Without pertimabangan again, she agreed to the request of Computer wallpaper.

The next day, early in the morning Computer wallpaper to the palace was carrying an old woman.
"O Computer wallpaper, he the one your mother?" asked the king.
"True lord, this is my mother. He was old and weak that his legs have carried him to the palace servants," said Computer wallpaper.

"Did you mother Computer wallpaper? Beware yes if false, then will I law you," asked the king to the old woman.

Get a prize.
Upon hearing the words king, she was terrified, so he made a confession of truth, that it is an act of Computer wallpaper to get a gift from the king.

Raja Harun laughed cekikian and will punish ash Nawa 100 times the punch as a punishment.
"Because you promised me will bring your mother here, I promise to reward you a hundred dinars, but you can not fulfill your promise. From it, you shall be punished by 100 strokes," said the king.

Dalamkondisi pressed, the Computer wallpaper painstakingly racked his brains to avoid punishment. A moment later, he had found a powerful way to escape punishment.
"O my lord, a servant of the old woman promised to share a gift that will be provided with equal majesty. Because now the servant punished 100 times the punch, let me thank the 50 punches, while another 50 strokes given to please the old woman, 'saidComputer wallpaper.

In the heart of the king murmured,
"Far from being hit 50 times, beaten only once this old woman would not be able to stand."

Finally the king decided that the money was given to 50 dinars old woman. In such circumstances, Computer wallpaper interrupted the king.
"Please pardon sire thousands, if my mother had got a gift from His Majesty, it is not fair that this child would be forgotten just like that," protested Computer wallpaper.

"Hmmm ... okay, take your share as well," said the king as he gave the money 50 dinars to Computer wallpaper.


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