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wallpaper designs

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wallpaper designs

wallpaper designs

Wallpaper designs has never felt regret and desperate lately.
2 days was not a steaming kitchen smoke anymore because there is no foam goods sold.

Wallpaper designs could actually sell one of his friends to serve as slaves by the purchaser.
But Wallpaper designs can not bear, let alone most of Wallpaper designs friends are people who are poor.
But somehow he had to sell the man as Wallpaper designs already feel they have something worth barangpun for sale.

With the embroidery is very rounded, Wallpaper designs plan to sell my king.
Because according to Wallpaper designs only king who deserves to be sold.
Had not the king always play with her and torment her mind ...

So if today was sepantasnyalah turn Wallpaper designs troublesome Majesty the King.
Wallpaper designs finally facing my king and said,
"There's something very interesting which will convey only the servant of a noble sire," said Wallpaper designs start.
"What is it, O Wallpaper designs?" asked the king immediately intrigued.
"Something sure servant never occurred to the noble Excellency," said Wallpaper designs convincing.

"Then hurry up take me there to watch," said King.
"But ... Your Majesty," continued Wallpaper designs.
"But what?" asked the king impatiently.
"If the king is disguised as a commoner it would later be a lot of people who come to see that magical thing," said Wallpaper designs.
Because so much keinginantahuan Majesty the King, the King would masquerade as a small people, as proposed by the Wallpaper designs.
Then Wallpaper designs and King Raja Harun Al-Rashid went to a forest.

On arrival in the forest, the king invited Wallpaper designs approached a shady tree and begged the king to wait on it.
Meanwhile, Wallpaper designs to meet an acquaintance of her work selling slaves.
Wallpaper designs slave traders took it to see the candidates slaves to be sold to him from a little distance away.
Wallpaper designs reasoned that the actual candidate is the slave of his closest friends.
Thus Wallpaper designs can not bear to sell it in plain sight.
After the slave traders watched from a distance, he felt fit.
Wallpaper designs was making a power of attorney stating that the slave traders now have full rights over that person who was sitting under the shade tree.
After the Wallpaper designs go so received several pieces of gold from the slave traders.

The king still Wallpaper designs waiting under the tree when it approached the slave traders.
He did not know why not also show the Wallpaper designs nose.
Sire also wondered why no one else in there.
"Who are you?" The king asked the slave to the sword.
"I am your master now," said the slave traders a bit rough.
Of course it does not recognize the slave trader king in a very simple outfit.

"What do you mean what you say?" The king asked the red-faced.
"Wallpaper designs has sold you to me and this new power of attorney is made," said the slave trader sarcastically.
"Wallpaper designs to sell myself to you?" King said with anger.
"Yes!" snapped the slave traders.
"Do you know who am I really?"
"No, and it is not necessary," said the slave traders snapped.
"I am your King, Sultan Harun al-Rashid," said the king, pointing to the royal badge.
The merchant was astonished, and began to recognize the king.
He was immediately dropped as he worshiped king.
The king forgave the slave traders because he did not know.
However, the Wallpaper designs, the king is furious and exasperated.
But the Wallpaper designs Majesty the King is furious and exasperated.
He wanted to squeeze the body of Wallpaper designs like paper ... hehe

The king returned to his palace and ordered his soldiers to catch Wallpaper designs.
But Wallpaper designs has gone some where because he knows being hunted by soldiers kerajaa.
And after the Wallpaper designs knew the soldiers had left the royal house, then Wallpaper designs dare return.

Wallpaper designs began to tell his wife what really happened.
Wallpaper designs finally decided to trick the king by pretending to be dead.
Wallpaper designs can only advised her what to say when the king arrived.

Now the news of the death of Wallpaper designs began to spread throughout the country.
King was shocked, angry and furious in fact.
but also felt sorry for the death of hearing the news, considering that Wallpaper designs was the most clever and entertaining fun Majesty the King.

Majesty the King along with several bodyguards to the house of Wallpaper designs.
After looking at the motionless body of Wallpaper designs helpless, Lord King was touched and tears.
He asked his wife.
"Wallpaper designs there any final message for me?" asked the king.
"There is a noble sire," replied the wife of Wallpaper designs, sobbing right.
"Say," said King.
"My husband slave, Wallpaper designs, kindly begged the king to forgive all his mistakes in front of people," said the wife of Wallpaper designs stammered.

"Well if that's the last request of Wallpaper designs," said the king agreed.
The king then mengumpilkan people in the field and said,
"O my people, hear that today, I Sultan Harun al-Rashid had to forgive all the mistakes of Wallpaper designs that has been done against me.
And as you are the witness, "says King.
Upon hearing the forgiveness of the Lord King Harun Al-Rashid himself, Wallpaper designs feverishly went and thanked the Bginda infinite.



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