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christmas wallpaper

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christmas wallpaper

Christmas wallpaper there are tactics to avoid the punishment of the King, although he obviously had insulted the king.

With a variety of sensible reasons, Christmas wallpaper just get a gift from the King.

Here's her story:

It is said that at the time of Raja Harun Al-Rashid before there was such thing as a toilet, only the river to defecate.

Once when the King felt his stomach is sick and no longer have to compromise on the invite.

King immediately asked the guards to his side into the river to finish his business.

Incidentally there the river flows to the south.
It was the custom among the people, if the King were defecating in the river, the people loudly defecating banned in the north of King, because it was feared that the dirt will flow to the south and the body of the King.
For noncompliance, it will get a severe punishment from the King.


But this time, the laws are not in the Christmas wallpaper heed.
Christmas wallpaper also casually defecating in the north some distance from the King.

Shitting fun at the time, all of a sudden there is an object that knocked ass king.

Without thinking, the object is directly held and viewed by the King.

And what a surprise it turns out the object is human waste.

Cash only thing that made the king furious, and immediately the king sent his guards to search the river in the northern hemisphere and arrested the man defecating.

Sure enough, on the north some distance from the position of visible figure of the King Christmas wallpaper was casually defecating.

At that instant the guards immediately grasp and bring it before the king to the law.
When in the presence of the King, Christmas wallpaper protested to the King when he was arrested and will be punished.
The king replied that the deed had been harassing Christmas wallpaper trample privacy and dignity as a King.
"You do not have good manners, how dare you defecate next to utaraku so kotoranmu about my body.
Now you have to accept punishment from me, "snapped the King.

"Sorry, hold on, O King," said Christmas wallpaper.
"What is it? This time there is no more forgiveness for you Christmas wallpaper," said the King angrily.
"Wait a minute, please give me a chance to do it all menjelaskannya.Saya because I really appreciate you, O King," said Christmas wallpaper.
Prizes were given

Hearing this, Raja Harun Al Rashid direct a little stunned by what is delivered by Christmas wallpaper.

"Actions like that you said actually respect me?" The king asked in astonishment.

"Tell the King, during this time when the King was traveling with people or with guards, none of the people or a courageous guard precedes the course of the King.
Likewise with me, when I joined the king, a position when not dare to walk ahead of the King.
I do because I keep good manners and courtesy to the King, "Christmas wallpaper defense.

"Oh good, but what to do with what you did today?" asked the King.
"Tell the King, I respect you do not setenga-half.
When I defecate, I chose the north of the King and this I do because I am worried that if the south of the King, then later my shit disrespectful to dirt daring the King because it was running ahead of dirt king.
This is all I do for my manners to dirt king, "said Christmas wallpaper.
Christmas wallpaper hearing, King was smiling
He did not become angry and punish Christmas wallpaper, but Christmas wallpaper even be rewarded for sensible reasons.



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