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discontinued wallpaper

discontinued wallpaper

On the day of divulging Sultan Harun al-Rashid called ten of Ministers "You know before this court there is a pond. I'll give each one an egg to you, you menyelamlah into the pool and then Give the eggs to me when you come to the surface. I'm curious intellect Discontinued wallpaper. "

Then the sultan sent for Discontinued wallpaper to the palace. Discontinued wallpaper and the tenth to the Sultan's ministers utter, "I command you all fell into the pool, diving, and if the surface appears Give me a chicken's egg. Whoever does not give up eggs, surely punished me. "
Finding eggs in the water? Discontinued wallpaper thought, looking to the Secretary-minister it. They looked reverently and ready to carry out commands. "Is there a hen in the pool?"
Malamlah any day, next day, early in the morning, the minister minister-dive into the pool, and when it emerges from the pool, each carrying an egg and handed to the Sultan. Discontinued wallpaper not turn up on the surface of the pool, he swam here and there looking for eggs. In koreknya pool walls, but also not found. After a tired around the bottom of the pool, it occurred to him that he was persecuted by the Sultan. So he prayed to God please keelamatan. He went out of the pool and went ashore. He crowed in front of the Sultan, and runs like a crowing rooster.
"Hey, Discontinued wallpaper where your promise? Sultan said, all these people each have been handed an egg to me, only you do not, therefore you will I give sentence. "

Discontinued wallpaper praying, "O my lord, Shah Alam, who had a hen egg is the servant of this rooster, rooster carrying a child, after all crows, eggs can only be produced by hens. If the hens do not have sexual intercourse with a man, how he will be an egg. "

Discontinuedwallpaper to hear reason, Sultan was unable to say anything because it's very appropriate. Sultan and all his ministers could only scratch their heads that do not itch.



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