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wallpaper for less

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wallpaper for less

wallpaper for less

One day Wallpaper for less acquaintance stopped at the house, a Jew. There is ongoing musical game. Many are watching so susananya festive. All guests who come involved in the music game, including the Wallpaper for less who had just entered, there is a harp playing, no dancing, all the revelers. So much fun the game is to drain energy, because it takes time for a long time.
And when the guests have the thirst, the host distribute copies to attendees. Each got a cup of coffee. When Wallpaper for less was about to sip coffee, he was slapped by the Jews. However, since late in the fun, it was not he ignored, and he lifted the cup again, but again he was slapped. It turned out that Wallpaper for less slap received quite a lot that night until the show finished around two o'clock in the morning.

On the road, it occurred by Wallpaper for less, "Evil is the Jewish temperament, play slap wrote. Drink like a beast. Such behavior should not be allowed to take place in Baghdad. But what about my powers forbid it? Ah, there is a reason. "
The next day Wallpaper for less facing the Caliph Harun al-Rashid in the Palace. "My lord, this gentleman was in the country there is a game that has never been slaves know, very strange."

"Where the place?, The king asked the Caliph.

"On the edge of the forest there." "Let's alihat," my lord. "Well, said Wallpaper for less. "Tonight we went alone, and my master students wear clothes."

"But remember." The king said, "You do not play me like it used to be."

After evening prayers, the king went to a Jewish home in the company of Wallpaper for less. When we got there by chance the Jew was playing music with his friends, the king was seated. When asked to dance, the king refused, so he forced her cheek and slapped left and right.

There until a new king came to, he had been tricked Wallpaper for less. But alas, he was unable to resist so many people. Then the king dance until the sweat soaking the fat body. Only then would circulate copies to all the guests, see Wallpaper for less it out of the room with the excuse going to piss, but he immediately returned.

"Let the king felt his own affair, because his own fault never know the state of its people and believe only the reports of the ministers," Think Wallpaper forless. "

When about to lift the coffee cup to her mouth, slapped by a Jewish king in it. When he was about to lift the cup to the plate again, he was slapped again. King was silent, then he saw that Jews drink like animals: breathe while laughing.

"What can make," thought the king, "I'm alone, and not be against the Jews so much." Late that evening the king returned to the Palace on foot to the heart of a very cranky. He felt dipermainakan by Wallpaper for less, and humiliated in front of crowds. "What a pity myself," he muttered.

In the morning, waking bagitu, Caliph Harun Al-Rashid ordered a servant to call Wallpaper for less Palace.
"Hey Wallpaper for less, works very well last night, I thank you enter into the Jewish home and you live me alone while I was humiliated like that," said King.

"Please God, O King," answered Wallpaper for less. "The night before had been slaves treated the same way. When that servant report honestly, surely the king would not believe. Then the servant brought the king there to find out with their own eyes the indecent behavior of people like that. "
Your Majesty can not be denied the speech of Wallpaper for less, he sent to summon the guardian of the Jewish beberpa.
"Hey, Jew, why you slap me last night," the king asked bitterly. "Where you get to drink like animals?"

"My lord the Shah Alam ..." replied the Jew. "True servant does not know will be caring Shah Alam, when Had servants know, the servant did just that? Therefore I beg forgiveness as much as possible. "

"Now please accept my revenge," said King. Jews were put into prison. And since it's forbidden in the play, and drink like animals. Those who violate the ban on the weight of law.



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