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free wallpaper download

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free wallpaper download

free wallpaper download

Free wallpaper download to the nature of the king's bold rebuke to determine the condition of the people they lead.
He has deliberately left cheek was slapped by the king of the Jews. But strangely, the king did not reply to Free wallpaper download's behavior melah grateful for it.

The story follows.
One day, Free wallpaper download acquaintance stopped at the house, a Jew. There was a lively place game music. Many people who watched that the atmosphere was so festive.All guests who present involved in the game's beautiful music, including the Free wallpaper download who had just entered.
There are playing the harp, there is dancing and so on, all rejoice ciata.

When the guests are thirsty, host of coffee served to attendees. Each of these had a cup of coffee, including the Free wallpaper download.
When Free wallpaper download to drink coffee, he was slapped by the Jews. But because it was already late in the fun, it was not he left off and lifted the cup, but again slapped.

It turned out that Free wallpaper download received a slap on the night was pretty much up to the event is over around 2 am.

Feast of Music with Treat Cup of Coffee.
In the middle of the road, it occurred by Free wallpaper download,
"Evil is the Jewish temperament, slap it around. Behavior like that should not be allowed to take place in Baghdad. But, what about my powers forbid it?" she thought.
"Ahaa .. I have an idea," Free wallpaper download guman next.

The next day, Free wallpaper download facing Raja Harun Ar-Rashid in the palace.
"My lord, it turns out in this country there is a game that has never been slaves know, very strange," reported the Free wallpaper download.
"Where is it?" asked the king.
"On the edge of the forest where the king," said Free wallpaper download.
"Let's see," my lord.
"Tonight we go alone and my lord dressed students," said Free wallpaper download.

After Isha prayers, the king went into the house and Free wallpaper download's Jews.
When we got there, happened to the Jews was playing music with his friends, the king was seated.
When asked to dance, so he forced the king refused and slapped left and right cheek.

At that point the king realized that he had been tricked by the Free wallpaper download.
But what power he could not fight against people so much.

So, dance till sweat king sekluruh your fat body. Only then circulated copies to all guests, and look at it, Free wallpaper download to ask permission to leave the room with a reason to go to the bathroom to urinate.

"Let the king felt his own affair, because his own fault never know the state of its people and believe only in the report of the minister," Free wallpaper download thought to myself as he drove home.

Right Left king slapped cheeks.
When going to pick-up cup of coffee into her mouth, slapped by the Jewish king's.When he was about to lift the coffee cup again, he was hit by a slap again and so on until the king had never tasted the little things that are served coffee.,

In the morning, after waking up, my king Harun Ar-Rashid ordered a servant to call Free wallpaper download palace.
"O Free wallpaper download, works very well last night, you let me be embarrassed like that," said King.
"Please God, O king, the night before had been slaves sma are treated as such. When that servant report honestly, surely the king would not believe. From it, the servant brought the king to head there to find out the people who do not own behavior it's obscene, "said Free wallpaper download to defend themselves.

Your Majesty can not be denied the speech of Free wallpaper download, he sent some guards to call the Jew.
"O Jews, why do you strike me last night," said the king angrily.
"O my lord, verily servants do not know if the night is my lord. If Had servants know, the servant would not do that," replied the Jews to defend themselves.

What power, the Jewish defense is not approved by the king. For slapping people including immoral deeds and the king must take decisive action because of it.
"Now please accept my revenge," said King.
"Forgive servant, my lord," said the Jew.

Immediately the king ordered the soldiers to put the Jews into the prison.
Since then Raja Harun very concerned citizens. He is grateful for the reports provided by the Free wallpaper download.


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