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thibaut wallpaper

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thibaut wallpaper

thibaut wallpaper

The day was Thibaut wallpaper deliberately spend time around the village, the outskirts of Baghdad. He just got home just before sunset. When passing the village of Bedouins (desert people) he met some people who are cooking porridge. The atmosphere is lively, even boisterous. Unwittingly, he was arrested by the men and taken to their house to be slaughtered.
"Why was I arrested?" Said Thibaut wallpaper.

"Hi, young man, said one of them said, pointing to a pot of simmering water," Everyone who passed through here surely we have heard, we are slaughtered like sheep, and put into the pot with the flour mixture. This is our work and that our daily food. "
Although fear of Thibautwallpaper still thinking clearly, he said, "Look, my body thin, so my flesh is not much, if you want tomorrow I bring my friend whose body fat, you can eat for five days. I promise, then please let me go. "

"Well, bring him here," said the Bedouin.

"Tomorrow, it was my maghrib time I brought here," said Thibaut wallpaper again. After greeting and kissing as a sign of promise, Thibaut wallpaper was off.

Along the road to his home, Thibaut wallpaper thought, 'He was working all day just sitting around so people do not know the actual situation. A lot of bad people doing nasty, like sheep to slaughter people, not reached the ears of the Sultan. Strange, then. I'll take the Sultan to a Bedouin village, and handed to the worker's porridge. "

Thibaut wallpaper then enter the palace and the Sultan. After paying homage to the bow, he said, O my lord, Shah Alam, if the lord wanted to see a very crowded place, so-so take slaves there. There was a show which is visited by people. "

"When the show begins?" Said the Sultan.

"Remove the Asr time, my lord," answered Thibaut wallpaper.


Thibaut wallpaper left, tomorrow afternoon ready to accompany the Sultan Thibaut wallpaper to the Bedouin village. At home sellers porridge, king heard a strange crowded for him.

"The sound is it, really crowded," asked the king, pointing to a house.

"My lord, the servant did not know, then let servants look to the house, the host should wait here first." Said Thibaut wallpaper.

Arriving at the house of Thibaut wallpaper report to the landlord that he has fulfilled his promise to bring someone who was plump. "He is now out and will I leave thee." He then came out with the landlord to the Sultan.

"The sound of boisterous what is it?" Said Sultan.

"The house where the person selling porridge, maybe it's so delicious, so his best-selling and the buyer is not playing very much. They were not so boisterous sound impatient, "said Thibaut wallpaper.

Meanwhile, the owner of the house without much fuss was immediately arrested dang Sultan took him to the house. Thibaut wallpaper also soon lift a thousand feet. In his heart he thought, "If the Sultan was smart, surely he could free himself. But if a fool, he died slaughtered bad guys. "

As for the king, Sultan, he was not expecting to cut his throat. With a tone of fear Sultan said, "If you make porridge, not much flesh, because flesh and a lot of fat, I'd better make a cap. The day I can make two caps that cost must be much greater than the price buburmu it? "Seringgit" replied the man.

"Seringgit" said Sultan. "Only seringgit? So if I you kill it, you can only seringgit money? Whereas if I make a cap, you will get the money two ringgit, more than enough to feed a child-wife. "

On hearing these words as the Sultan, the release of the hands of the Sultan, and not to be slaughtered.


While the city into an uproar because the Sultan of Baghdad had a few days does not appear in the Hall. Sultan is lost, all citizens are driven to seek the Sultan to all over the country. After nearly a month, people got word that the Sultan Harun al-Rashid in the Bedouin village porridge seller. Every day they work to make cap and the dealer has been fortunate.

Sultan reveal the mystery of the loss was due to a cap adorned with luxurious flower, in flower arrange the letters in such a way that a brief letter containing the message: "O my bishop, buy this cap any price, that night came to a Bedouin village porridge seller, I imprisoned there, bring bodyguards to taste. "Peci was then given to the worker sold to the pulp and order minister admiral, because of this cap manteri clothes." The price of ten ringgit, undoubtedly bought by the minister, "the message.

Handyman slurry was very pleased him, then immediately he went home minister. Pak minister also hooked his cap at the sight of it, is well made, especially decorated with flowers on it. But he was shocked when I heard the price of ten ringgit, not less. And when his eyes behold the flower arrangement of letters. After he read, understood he meant it and immediately pay cap.

At night the minister with the guards and all the people went to the Bedouin village and immediately release the Sultan and took him to the Palace. while residents of the Bedouin village, on the orders of the Emperor, was murdered because of his actions are all too bad.

The next day the Sultan ordered the arrest of Thibaut wallpaper and will punish him for embarrassing Majesty Sultan. When the Thibaut wallpaper was praying Ḑuhūr. After greetings he also captured a gang by the ministers who were sent there and took him away before the sultan.

When he saw Thibaut wallpaper, changed the face of fierce Sultan, her eyes burning like coals of fire, he was furious. With the mouth mnyeringai he said, "Hey, Thibaut wallpaper, you really have to embarrass me, what you did was inappropriate, and you should be killed.

So, Thibaut wallpaper was saluting. "My lord, Shah Alam, before my lord sentenced, may say a few servants."

"All right" said the Sultan, "But if you say wrong, I would kill you this very day."

"My lord the Shah Alam, the reason slaves submit your majesty to the seller that the slurry is to show the reality in the society of this country to your majesty. For I do not believe your majesty will believe the report servants. Though all the events that apply in the country is the responsibility of the king to God someday. Just king should know all the actions of his people, for every king should take a walk to watch the things they were. So my lord, if the word servant is wrong, punish slaves, but when the sentence was carried out also not sincere servant, so that sin is the responsibility of my master in Hell. "

After hearing the words of Thibaut wallpaper, there goes the king angry. In justifying his heart all the words of Thibaut wallpaper.

"Well, I forgive you for everything you did, and do not do a thing like that again to me."

So, Thibaut wallpaper was deliver to respect and to ask ourselves back home.



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