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wallpaper border

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wallpaper border

wallpaper border

Wallpaper border controversial policies that make many people amazed.
One is that the home cages of animals used as companions, even though the house was filled with families.
But thanks to the tricks of Wallpaper border, the house was finally occupied in peace.

The story follows

On a day when it will go to the palace, Wallpaper border arrivals are not known.
But for Wallpaper border it's not an excuse for not helping.
Indeed, after his name famous to be a skilful adviser, many foreign visitors to his house to ask for advice.

"Try to express your difficulties to me, maybe I could help," said Wallpaper border.
"Help me, my very cramped and unhappy," said the stranger.

"Anyone who lives in the house?" asked Wallpaper border behind.
"A wife and eight children, O Wallpaper border," replied the stranger.

The stranger looked very distressed by her condition.
His face seemed lethargic and restless.
Ironically, her passion for the work to fade as the pressure.

Meanwhile, Wallpaper border to rack my brain to solve problems of the stranger.
"No wonder his shortness, his son just eight people," said Wallpaper border in the liver.
"You've got a sheep?" Wallpaper border said breaking the silence.
"No, but I can afford it," replied the stranger.
"Then buy a lamb and place it inside your house," said Wallpaper border.

A Sheep

The stranger did not argue, he immediately bought a sheep as suggested by the Wallpaper border.
A few days later the man came to Wallpaper border.

O Wallpaper border, I have carried out your suggestion, but my house grew more difficult, "said the stranger.
"Then buy a few more birds and place them inside your house as well," said Wallpaper border again.

The man did not resist, he immediately bought some birds which are then incorporated into his house.
However, every time a report to the Wallpaper border, he actually asked to accumulate a lot of cattle in his home.

"Do not any suggestion of Wallpaper border, with just my children tight, especially coupled with the cattle?" he asked himself.
But because the house can not stand the atmosphere of an increasingly narrow, the man came to the house of Wallpaper border.

"Well, if you're feeling can not stand, sell the sheep," said Wallpaper border.
People did not argue.
He immediately sold the newly purchased sheep.
Some harikemudian Wallpaper border go to someone's home and asks you for its development.

Livestock selling

"Keadaanya now better karenadomba it is no longer live here," the man said smiling.
"Well, then now sell all the cattle," said Wallpaper border.
The man did not resist.
He immediately sold all the cattle and a few days later, Wallpaper border to visit him again.

"How are you home now?" asked Wallpaper border.
"We feel our expanded home for the cattle that are no longer living with us.
And we are now happier than ever before and we say thank you, "said the tiu with beaming faces.



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