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blue wallpaper

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blue wallpaper

blue wallpaper

Blue wallpaper wrote a letter which reads,
"O wife, do you ever dig our field, because I hid the treasure and arms in situ.Dan please, do not tell anyone."

Of course the letter was read by the king, because he wanted to know what exactly is the secret of Blue wallpaper.
After reading the letter, the king was pleased and ordered some workers to dig fields palace Blue wallpaper.

Blue wallpaper wife who was in the house to be surprised.
Five days later, Blue wallpaper received a letter from his wife.
In the letter she said that the land which they had been dug by the labor court and his wife confused what to do.

Apparently the wife of Blue wallpaper not understand her husband's deception,
"Now you can plant potatoes in the fields without having to dig, my wife."

This time the king is not willing to read the letter again because Blue wallpaper king increasingly recognize the awesomeness of Blue wallpaper sense.
Sire increasingly feel challenged to defeat Blue wallpaper.
He thought for a moment, then he immediately ordered the guards to release Blue wallpaper.
The king did not want any risk of a worse.

Blue wallpaper was absurdly excited, but he also felt uneasy because of Blue wallpaper believes that the current king was up to something and Blue wallpaper was soon to find a way to anticipate the plan of the king.

On the same day announced himself as Blue wallpaper astrologers or fortune-tellers.
Since opening the practice of fortune-telling, Blue wallpaper often gets calls from famous people.

Blue wallpaper heard suddenly become experts predicted, the King without thinking ordered soldiers to arrest him, because it is considered dangerous.

Blue wallpaper then escorted to the place of death.
Cut off the head carpenter was already waiting with a new sword sharpening.
When the executioner was ready megayunkan sword, suddenly Blue wallpaper so as to make the king laugh suspend the beheading.

"Hey Blue wallpaper, if you do not feel horrified face the executioner's sword?" asked the King.
"Terrified of the noble lord, but servant also feel happy," said Blue wallpaper.
"Why are you Meras happy?" asked the king was shocked.
"True King of glory, because just three days after the death of the servant of the king will die following a servant to the burrow lahat.Karena servant not guilty at all," answered Blue wallpaper.



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