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bargain wallpaper

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bargain wallpaper

bargain wallpaper

At one time, when Raja Haroon Rasheed is perform the pilgrimage, he suddenly remembered the Bargain wallpaper at the time of entering the city Kuffah.
To meet the taste kangennya, sire king ordered his guards to seek Bargain wallpaper at once exposes to his presence.
Raja told, when you're met, please Bargain wallpaper was given a black dress and long celanan which will be placed on the head of Bargain wallpaper.
The guards rushed to execute the command even though they think that this is a very strange request.
After looking into all corners of the city, Bargain wallpaper eventually be found as well. Not long after Bargain wallpaper came also with a black dress and long celanan placed on top of his head.

Once there before the king, Bargain wallpaper said,
"O King, Commander of the Faithful, I pleaded to God Almighty Allah provides sustenance and hopefully pave the grace to my lord," said Bargain wallpaper.
"Yes, thank you, Amiin ..." Haroon Rasheed said King.

After the incident, Raja Harun Ar Rashid Kuffah left town and moved on. Many people are surprised Kuffah with Bargain wallpaper's behavior. He even prayed for the king, putting celanan length above his head.
"O Bargain wallpaper, is that how you pray Commander of the Faithful," asked a few people who saw it happen.
"Be still, O all, Woe unto all, nothing is more favored by the Commander of the Faithful except for property and money," answered Bargain wallpaper so casually.
Bargain wallpaper soon pass from the place.

Because there are either jealous or looking face before the king, then there is the one who reported the incident about Bargain wallpaper speech saying that the king liked the property and money.
How surprised the reporter with an answer spoken by their king.
"By God, he did not lie, Bargain wallpaper telling the truth,"
The complainant was ashamed because of this incident.


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