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home wallpaper

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home wallpaper

home wallpaper

A clever story of Home wallpaper to realize a dream come true.

Had Home wallpaper want, then it was long he became rich and prosperous life with her children.
Because Home wallpaper repeatedly obtain the full sepundi gold.
The prizes are abundant runs out, because it was distributed to people who are in need.
Home wallpaper was known as someone who likes to defend those who are weak and oppressed.
One day there was a man who told a very bad fate.

No one dared to help because the problem involves the authority of a judge.
So he disaranka to ask for help to Home wallpaper.
The man told the Home wallpaper.
"When asleep I dreamed of trade with the judge.
I bought his wares with a very large number hingganilainya reach thousands of dinars.
However the payments when I do I'm awake, "said the man.

"Then what's the problem?" asked Home wallpaper.

"Then I told my dream to friends and neighbors.
And my surprise was my dream scattered everywhere.
When the judge heard, he went to the house looking for me and my house and its contents meyita.
He does not care even if it only happens in dreams.
Because I considered breaking the law.
According to him, I should immediately report to him about my dream and then immediately make a payment.
Now I have not had anything else.
Help me, O Home wallpaper ..., "the man told me.
Home wallpaper exasperated to hear the man's complaint.
He undertakes will help him and promised to return all property that has been usurped by the arbitrary judge.
Home wallpaper gathered all his disciples.
"We must help those who really need help.
Tomorrow right after dawn prayers we destroy the house of the famous judge was unjust.
Now prepare the necessary equipment, "said Home wallpaper seriously.

The disciples of Home wallpaper prepare everything without the slightest dispute.
After the congregational prayer at dawn, Home wallpaper together his disciples went into the house Judge.
And no more orders to demolish the house they start to judge.
The judge who was sleeping soundly suddenly awakened by the noise.

Because the number of pupils of Home wallpaper so much, Mr. Hakim did not dare to prevent.
He ran to the palace to report to the king Harun Al-Rashid.
Home wallpaper was immediately summoned to the king.
"O Home wallpaper, did you and your pupils want to tear down the house master judge?" asked the king.
"It's a noble lord," answered Home wallpaper.
"What makes you do that?
Did not you know that such actions could be considered a criminal offense and punished? "Asked the king.

"King of glory, which actually causes the slave desperate to do so only because of a dream," said Home wallpaper explained.
"Just because a dream?" King said Ivy.
"Right noble lord," answered Home wallpaper.
"What dream?" King asked curious.
"I have dreamed of buying a house master judge.
Judge slave master plan for the house have I paid it to be a mosque.
Of the servant's servant commanded his disciples to knock it down, "said Home wallpaper.

"The law which justifies such perbuatyan Home wallpaper hai?" King said getting angry.
"The law is designed by the master himself judge, lord king servant," answered Home wallpaper convincing.
"What do you mean?" asked the king not yet understood.
Home wallpaper and told him about the fate of the poor man's.
Hearing the story of Home wallpaper, my king furious.
"It's really an unreasonable act.
Hi Judge, is it true what was told Home wallpaper, "asked the king to judge it.
"Absolutely true that noble lord," replied the lord judge, trembling.
"You as a judge should not violate the law.
You should maintain and implement the law properly and fairly.
But you give me the power to shred even do justice to the confiscation of property of others simply because of a dream, "the wrath of the king to the judge.
"Please Your Majesty is glorious," said Hakim.
"It was the most shameful act I've ever heard.
Now you must return all property and house that you arrest the man, "the wrath of the king further.
In addition to the need to restore the property and home, Mr. Hakim is also unjust punishment of the king.
Home wallpaper has to realize his dream come true.
The judge is evil.
Kok usually make their own laws.
Indeed, the diamond must be polished with a diamond.


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