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trendy wallpaper

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trendy wallpaper

trendy wallpaper

Harun al Rashid king looked gloomy.

All the ministers were none who could find the answer of two questions Majesty the King.

Even the counselors also felt unable to give a satisfactory explanation of the king, but King himself wanted to know the actual answer.

Perhaps because it is very curious, royal advisers suggested that Trendy wallpaper who solve 2 perplexing puzzles it.
Not so lamapun Trendy wallpaper brought to the King.
Majesty said that lately he have trouble sleeping at being disturbed by the curiosity reveals secrets of nature 2.

The noble lord, the real secrets of nature Which my lord mean? "Said Trendy wallpaper.
"I call you to find the answer to the riddle of the two who had been teasing my mind." clear sire.
"May servants find out the riddle, O my lord?" asked Trendy wallpaper.

"The first one, where the actual boundaries of the universe's creation of our Lord?" asked the king.
"In my mind, my noble sire." Trendy wallpaper answered without hesitation.

"The noble lord, no limits exist because of the limitations.
And limitations were implanted by God in the human brain.
Of that man will never know where the boundaries of the universe is limited because of something that would not be able to measure something that is not unlimited. "Said Trendy wallpaper.

The king began to smile as Trendy wallpaper satisfied with the explanation that makes sense.
Then the king went on a second puzzle.

"O Trendy wallpaper, which are more numerous, the stars in the sky or fish in the sea?" asked the king.
"The fish in the sea." Trendy wallpaper answered swiftly.

"How did you immediately decide that, did you ever count them?" asked the king.

"Excellency's noble, are not we all know that the fish every day rounded up in large numbers, but their numbers remain very much as if nothing had diminished so much.
And the stars never crashed or lost even though their numbers are too much. "Said Trendy wallpaper convincing.
At once the curiosity that had haunted my king vanished without a trace.
Majesty the King Haru al Rashid gave gifts to Trendy wallpaper and her clothes are beautiful captivating.

Let's take the lesson from the story of Trendy wallpaper is my friend, that our mind is the cause of infinity, arrogance, pride, and feel less of what Allah has given to us.
Syukurilah what has been given by God, then God willing we will be given a better fortune and more.


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