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wallpaper desktop free

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wallpaper desktop free

wallpaper desktop free

There are ways of Wallpaper desktop free to pray for her soul mate and get married soon.
Intelligence and enthusiasm eventually led to beautiful.
He got his beautiful wife and shalihah.

The following story of Wallpaper desktop free Ruling Request trick mate

Wallpaper desktop free as good as any intelligence, he is still human.
Kala is still a bachelor, like other youths, he also wanted to get a mate and get married and have a family.

At one point he was crazy about a woman.
She was really pretty, smart and included a woman who is an expert service.
Wallpaper desktop free salihah willing to marry the woman.
Because of her love was burning, he prayed fervently to God Almighty.

O God, if indeed she was good for me, draw near to me.
But if you think he is not good for me, please God, once again please ... reconsider my God, "said her prayers with her name and was impressed to force the will of God.


Wallpaper desktop free do it after every prayer the five daily prayers.
For months he waited for signs of his prayer was granted.
Runs over 3 months, Wallpaper desktop free was not granted his prayer God.
He also introspection.

Maybe God answered my prayers because I am not resigned to the lack of choice jodohku, "he told himself.

Then Wallpaper desktop free was bermunajat again.
But this time instead of the strategy, prayer is not specifically made diembel embroider her name, let alone dare to "force" like a prayer to God before.

O Allah give me the best wife, "reads a prayer.

For months he continued to plead with God, but God did not also hold the Wallpaper desktop free with her hero.
Even God did not bring Wallpaper desktop free to women who want diperistri.
Sometime later he began to worry as well.
Afraid to be single parents who weathered with age.
He racked his brain again how to pray and fast can come true.


Wallpaper desktop free was smart.
No wits end, she felt needed a bit of "diplomatic" with God.
He also changed his prayer.

"Oh God, now I do not ask anymore for me.
I just ask a woman as my mother in law is very old and I love Ya Allah.
Once again, not for me Oh my God.
So, give his daughter, "the prayer of Wallpaper desktop free.

Wallpaper desktop free basis, use the mother of all carry the name, but it still permintaanya for himself.
Allah knows best, does not need politicized everything.

But perhaps because of the sincerity and the "innocence" Wallpaper desktop free Wali Allah, God answered his prayer.



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