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black wallpaper

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black wallpaper

Black wallpaper known as an intelligent minds.

Thanks to his intelligence that he too often get away with the King, even a time Black wallpaper ever get a gift from the King, though the King had been deceived.

Black wallpaper following this story.

One day the King invited Black wallpaper Arrasyid Haru went to a village.

The King asked disguised as a commoner and not allowed to bring the troops because he would show some real portraits of people in the kingdom.

Came second in a predominantly rural like to eat human flesh.

Black wallpaper and until the king was captured by residents.

They will be killed and the meat will be cooked and ate.

However, Black wallpaper was finally released because it has a thinner body and dull, while the King remained in detention because the fat and skin clean.
But lucky for the king, in an occasion he managed to break free and escape.
However, Raja Harun will against Black wallpaper and promised to punish him.

Black wallpaper temples Off
Then at the royal command that soldier to catching Black wallpaper at his home.
Fortunate in coming to the soldiers, Black wallpaper was hiding and soldiers returned to the palace empty-handed.
"What have you done so that the royal troops will arrest you," said the wife of Black wallpaper.
Black wallpaper was finally told at length because of his arrest it.
The anxious wife, he knew that the king would punish him with severe punishment.
"Then what will you do, you can not hide, because someday the court of soldiers will come again to this house to menagkapmu," said his wife.
Black wallpaper face a cursory look lethargic.
But a few seconds later his face began to smile, as if he had just discovered a brilliant idea.
"O my wife, I will pretend to be dead, cry and yell you that the neighbors believe I was dead," said Black wallpaper.
The wife was then doing her husband's command.
He suddenly cried and screamed while her husband's name and the tetengga was coming, they saw the body of Black wallpaper motionless body on the bed.
They thought that Black wallpaper was really dead.
So quickly the news of Black wallpaper is spread over the country.
Even the king did not believe, he asked the soldiers to carry the corpse of Black wallpaper to the palace.

Vowing king
The court of soldiers went to the funeral home and bring the body of Black wallpaper to the presence of the King.
Black wallpaper body wrapped in a shroud that is motionless in front of the King.
Seeing the scene, the King's anger be dissolved, he joined Black wallpaper sadly remember a lot of advise telling him.
Even when the King gets upset, Black wallpaperlah who often cheer.
Sadness grew so knowing Black wallpaper died after hearing his anger.

"Really I'm sad, I swear, if Allah SWT not take a life of Black wallpaper, then he would I forgive and I'll give a reward for his devotion to the kingdom during this time," said King in the face of the corpse of Black wallpaper.
Hear the oath in the name of Allah, Black wallpaper suddenly woke up and he himself came out of the shroud and the bill promises the King.

"God still has not destine me to die, then stick to your promise now," said Black wallpaper.

Of course it made the whole court scene stunned surprise.
They did not think that Black wallpaper will play dead to fool the king.



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